Children smiling while playing together


Preschool at Expressive Beginnings excites children's emerging learning skills.

Interest-based Learning for 3- and 4-Year-Olds

There is a time and place for everything in the early learning experience. We know through experience the wisdom of staging learning in the right sequences. We prepare children for kindergarten through interest-based programs that support and excite their emerging learning skills. We lay the cornerstones of reading and writing by introducing them to books, music, art and storytelling experiences. Most importantly, we do it at a pace that makes it fun.

Emergent Curriculum

Emergent curriculum is a fancy term for something we hold very important. After an idea or interest area emerges from a group of children, it then evolves into a curriculum where teachers and even parents can participate in the direction it travels. It’s when children learn by exploring what they find socially relevant, intellectually stimulating and personally interesting, guided by professionals who understand this special process.

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