Teacher working with children in classroom

About Us

At Expressive Beginnings, we believe that social and emotional development are the foundation for success, and that relationships matter.


That’s why we offer both primary care and continuity of care for our infant and toddler classes, the age groups where forming secure attachments is key. Primary care is when one teacher is assigned to be the primary caregiver for a group of children. For example, in a classroom of eight children, four will be in one teacher’s primary care group. This helps children develop secure relationships with caregivers. It also helps teachers to really get to know each child and his or her parents.

Continuity of care means children have the same caregiver from infancy through age 3, which helps children develop secure attachments. Our goal is to provide the same caregiver to all siblings from the same family whenever possible.

Our Values


Many of us are drawn to children because of their joy, for them each day is new and exciting. It’s our goal to live that joy with them. To treat each new day as a surprise, to experience awe and wonder, to play, create and allow ourselves to be joyful with the children.


As child care providers, compassion plays an integral part in how we interact with the children. By treating them with compassion and modeling it in a variety of ways we encourage them to develop empathy and an ability to use their gifts and talents to support and uplift others.


We are committed to strengthening the bonds that bring us together and appreciate the diversity that exists among us. We are working together with our families to create communities where children, and in fact all human beings feel they are cared for and valued.


We are committed to honest and open communication, transparency, authentic partnerships and collaboration. We approach all situations with the best interest of the children at heart. Ethics is the foundation of our work and drives us to be the very best that we can be in our services towards the children, their families and our colleagues.


Our approach to care and education allows each child to express themselves through the many languages of the child. We encourage freedom of thought, encourage unique approaches and styles and endeavor to promote the development of creativity in both action and thought.

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