Young child playing

For infants, awareness of the world around them begins at birth. Nothing is more important to them at this stage of life than knowing their world is safe, secure and guided by caring adults.

It’s why we strive to make the period of transition from your family to our family so comfortable and welcoming. We do it by providing a nurturing environment filled with fun activities that tap into their energy, make them think, and exercise their senses. It’s here where we reinforce the family concept. The caregivers your children meet as infants stay with them in the years that follow.

Primary Caregiving & Continuity of Care

We use primary and continuity of care to provide infants the opportunity to develop a sense of trust, warmth, and security with adults they come to recognize. Primary care allows for each child to have interactions with the same one or two adults each day during the entire time they are in the infant/toddler program. In other words, children stay matched with the same caregivers until they are ready for preschool. This provides continuity for the children, their families and the caregivers.

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