Childcare Programs at Expressive Beginnings

Rochester Area Child Care Programs

Learn about our early childhood programs and how we serve families with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, Pre-K and School Age children.

Infants holding hands


Safe, secure and guided by caring adults

For infants, nothing is more important than knowing their world is safe, secure and guided by caring adults, which is why we work to keep them with the same teachers through age 3.

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Toddlers playing


Children choose areas that interest them most

We offer a nurturing environment filled with activities that tap into toddlers’ energy, make them think, and exercise their senses.

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Preschool kids reading


Learning experiences to ease the transition to school

Children explore what they find socially relevant, intellectually stimulating and personally interesting. Preschool offers key learning experiences to make school transitions easier.

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Pre-k children reading


Preparing children for kindergarten through skills development

We prepare children for kindergarten through interest-based programs that support and excite their emerging learning skills.

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School age kids playing xylophone

School Age

Social environment, activities and classes

We offer social opportunities, themed activities and classes, plus homework help for children before and after school.

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