Toddlers playing together

As your child grows and becomes more mobile, we provide a nurturing environment filled with activities that tap into a toddler's energy.

Their physical and mental skills are challenged in a play-centric environment where children can choose the areas that interest them most. Teachers observe and listen to what the children are curious about and then tailor lessons to fit their interests. We also ensure gross motor play every day, no matter the weather outside, thanks to covered outdoor play areas and indoor gross motor areas.

Primary Caregiving and Continuity of Care

We use primary and continuity of care to provide toddlers the opportunity to develop a sense of trust, warmth, and security with the adults they’ve come to recognize. Primary care allows for each child to have interactions with the same one or two adults each day during the entire time they are in the infant/toddler program. In other words, children stay matched with the same caregivers until they are ready for preschool. This provides continuity for the children, their families and the caregivers.

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