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Emergency Fund

Accelerating Your Support
with the Expressive Beginnings Child Care Emergency Fund

With the uncertainty of the global COVID-19 outbreak, we know that many of you want to find ways to help others. Consider making a gift, of any amount, to the Expressive Beginnings Child Care Emergency Fund.

Your support is needed to help support our staff at Expressive Beginnings. We want to continue to pay them. We want to provide relief for those who cannot work. And we want to make sure that when we’re all ready to settle in to a new normal that Expressive Beginnings Child Care is ready for you.

Make a donation today to help us fund the staffing that we are paying for with diminished revenue – and help us provide relief for staff who are unable to work.

Heritage Christian Services, Expressive Beginnings’ parent company, is working diligently to meet the needs of those who are most severely affected by this pandemic. The Expressive Beginnings Child Care Emergency Fund was created to help support all those in our family who need it the most, and it will need to be replenished in real-time when we need to help those we serve and our frontline staff.

Your support will let us put money where it is most critically needed right away.

You can help by making a gift today with a gift of any amount to the form below or via Venmo. (If you make your donation through Venmo, please specify where you want to designate your contribution.)