At Expressive Beginnings in Henrietta, learning and play areas are arranged to keep siblings close to each other. Covered porches allow for more four-season outdoor play, and classrooms open to age-appropriate play areas. Since it is located on the Pieters Family Life Center campus, children have the chance to visit the wellness center’s gymnasium and creative arts studios. Plus, parents can take fitness classes or exercise. Parents can also arrange to have their child’s hair cut during child care hours or have a family meal waiting for pickup once a week. We offer care for infants and toddlers, UPK* / pre-school, pre-kindergarten, before and after school care and summer camps.

Expressive Beginnings in Henrietta is on the Pieters Family Life Center campus, which means families have access to a fitness center, a café with Wi-Fi, an art gallery and a wide range of wellness services including fitness classes, aquatic therapy, massage and chiropractic care. Is your child interested in art, dance or music lessons? Our staff from the Pieters Family Life Center campus delivers all sorts of expressive learning experiences. Some of the favorites are drum circle and dance class.

We also offer enrichment programs, which are included with tuition:
-Martial arts (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
-Music and movement classes (Toddler, Preschool and Pre-K)
-Art studio (Toddler, Preschool and Pre-K)
-Expressive art classes (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

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We are an equal opportunity program provider.

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