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Expressive Beginnings offers 10 weeks of summer fun for children ages 5-6 (The Scouts) and 7 and up (The Explorers). Each week we’ll discover a new and exciting theme and experience it through various activities, games, projects and field trips. See more below about our summer camps in Greece and Henrietta.
Expressive Beginnings in Webster was formerly known as Toddler's Workshop & Railroad Junction. With an impressive 8.5 acres of green space and an in-ground pool, Expressive Beginnings in Webster offers different themes. For summer programs at our new Webster location, call (585) 872-2160. 
Week 1: June 27 - July 1 | Week 2: July 4-8 | Week 3: July 11-15 | Week 4: July 18-22 | Week 5: July 25-29
Week 6: Aug 1-5 | Week 7: Aug 8-12 | Week 8: Aug 15-19 | Week 9: Aug. 22-26 | Week 10: Aug 29 - Sept 2
WEEK 1: June 27 – July 1     
 Scouts - Buggin Out:   Trek through nature and learn about the creatures scurrying and slinking around you.  Become a bug trivia wiz and meet some creepy crawlers up close and personal.  Experience hands on learning with a visit from Helmer Nature Center and a trip to Mendon Ponds Park.  Enjoy a picnic outside eating next to one of your new bug friends.
 Explorers - The Great Outdoors: Do you like to explore the outdoors? Here's your chance to learn basic outdoor skills while having fun with nature. Learn how to identify insects, plants and animal tracks. Learn to tie survival knots, basic first aid and outdoor navigation. Make new friends while completing survival projects and outdoor adventures. Experience hands on learning with a visit from Helmer Nature Center and a trip to Mendon Ponds Park.  

WEEK 2: July 4 – 8             
Scouts  - Red, White, and Blue: Enjoy a week full of 4th of July activities celebrating America’s favorite pastimes!  Create your own flag,  enjoy a refreshing watermelon- eating contest, compete in races, bake an apple pie, tie dye a t-shirt and celebrate our freedom!  Celebrating everything USA, and red, white and blue.
Explorers - Born In the USA: This week we will celebrate the USA! Kids will work on a group presidential campaign, participate in an election, create campaign posters and even have three legged races!  Red, White & Blue all week!  We will create flags,  enjoy a refreshing watermelon- eating contest, compete in races, tie dye a t-shirt and celebrate our freedom!  Stars and Stripe Forever!

WEEK 3: July 11 – 15    
Scouts - Rumble in the Jungle: From pets to jungle creatures, explore how animals eat, play, and even socialize. Learn about animal habitats and how important they are to endangered species. Go on a scavenger hunt and discover all the animals that make their home at and around EBCC.  Get up close and personal with exotic creatures as we visit the zoo, adventure to Springdale Farm, create our own animal mask, and get better acquainted with the “Rumble in the Jungle”

Explorers - Where the Wild Things Are: Remind you of a book or a movie? Get wild and learn about animals, nature, and the ways they give and take from our environment during this safari-themed camp!  This week we will explore the amazing world of animals!  Do you have a favorite animal? This week we will be designing 3d animals and researching how and where they live.  Enjoy a trip to the zoo, to Springdale Farm, create your own animal mask, and get better acquainted with “Where the Wild Things Are.”

WEEK 4: July 18 – 22                   
Scouts - A Week in Wonderland: Don’t be late for this very important date!  The children will experience a thrilling adventure as they tea party with the Mad Hatter, chase the white rabbit from one day to the next, make Cheshire Cat masks and build pyramids of cards while visiting with the queen of hearts! We will be writing and illustrating books and creating stories of our own while painting the roses red in wonderland.
Explorers - A Trip to Oz: Explore the wonderful Land of Oz this summer. Campers will be amazed as they stroll down the Yellow Brick Road, meet new friends and explore the colorful Land of Oz. They will learn about tornadoes, make monkey bread, create their own Yellow Brick Road and experience fun activities pulled from the pages of the Land of Oz. Campers will go on an adventure hunt guided by clues left behind by flying monkeys, create their own Emerald City, bake poppy seed bread and much more. This interactive camp’s activities will incorporate science, art and outdoor fun.
WEEK 5: July 25 – 29
Scouts - Super Hero: Look up in the sky…it’s a bird? It’s a plane? No, its your favorite Super Hero! This week the campers will pretend to train in our Superhero Training Academy” and get a chance to save the day! Camper will create their own superhero, make a special super hero costume, design a personalized comic book, and research who is a super hero in their life!
Explorers - Sky’s The Limit: The universe awaits! Young astronomers will gaze into the mysteries of the cosmos in our Digital Star Theater and enjoy many out-of-this-world activities. We will look deep into space and explore stars, planets, and galaxies. We will venture off to the Strasenburgh Planetarium, build our own solar system, and name a star. Just remember “Sky’s the Limit” this week.

WEEK 6: August 1 – 5    
Scouts & Explorers - Kids in the Kitchen: Learn the keys to success as an aspiring Chef.  We will cover kitchen safety, how to follow recipe instructions and learn how to measure.  Once the basics are done the fun really begins.  We will play with dough, twist our own pretzels, bake bread, cook dishes from around the world, plan and prepare our own lunches and just be “Kids in the Kitchen”
Karate Kids: This week is designed to increase a child’s confidence level, improve motor skills, build listening and concentration ability, learn fitness and self discipline and have fun!  You will learn life skills and character development that will last a life time.  This class involves jumping, blocking, and drills to encourage confidence and teamwork.  Everyone will be “Karate Kids”
WEEK 7: August 8 – 12        
Scouts -Mad Scientist:  Do you love to experiment with new ideas, figure out why things happen, mix ingredients or create slime?  If so this week is right up your alley!  We will explore the world of science & participate in some really cool experiments.  We will cook up some bubble trouble, make slime and lip balm and learn why some potions bubble and others turn to goo! This camp is the messy kid’s dream, and will be full of Lotions, Potions & Scientific Notions as we all become “Mad Scientist”!
Explorers - Anything Goes: Everyone knows anything goes in art and science.  Experience a week of wacky hands-on fun while exploring the natural world of science. Each day will be filled with mixing, growing, fizzing, and bubbling, as you ask questions and see what kinds of answers explode! Join us as we combine art with nature and science. We’ll begin by constructing journal books. Then we’ll take the journals out and about to combine close observations of nature with drawing, writing, and photography. We will use our senses to explore the world around us as we explore the exciting territory where art and science overlap. Children will discover the rich variety of comparisons and similarities as we visit the Rochester Museum and Science Center. We will create masterpieces using watercolor and tempera paint, and include three-dimensional media such as wire, clay, and paper maché, Just remember, this week “Anything Goes.”

WEEK 8: August 15 – 19        
Scouts - Cowboy Camp: Yee-Haaa! Cowboys, Native Americans, Ranchers, Cow, Trains, and good old ‘Grub’ is what we think of when planning a Cowboy Camp!  We will have hobby horse races, story-time around the camp fir, and practicing our skills for working on the ranch.  A cowboy hat and Native American headdress will adorn our heads and a visit to Heritage Christian Stables and The Long House will complete our Cowboy Camp adventures.     
Explorers - Wild West: Howdy Partners, this week campers will design bandanas, sheriff badges, wear boots, cowboy hats, and overalls. We will try our hand at leather work, throwing horse shoes, and cooking out.  Get ready to giddy up into dream catchers, wanted posters and panning for gold.  This week will be topped off with a visit to Heritage Stables to see the houses and ponies from The “Wild West.”

WEEK 9: August 22 – 26    
Scouts - Pirates and Princesses: This week we will concentrate on using our imagination and becoming anything from a princess to a pirate.  We will follow the map till X marks the spot to find our treasure.  We will transform a paper bag like it’s done in the book “Paper Bag Princess” and walk the plank to practice our balance skills in a pirate obstacle course.  We will explore Reading Adventureland and use our imaginations as we board the good ship courageous and fairy tale forest at the Strong museum of play.
Explorers - Ahoy, Matey: Yo Ho Ho! Choose a pirate name, design your own eye patch, flag, and bandana and sail the oceans blue as we search for buried treasure.    We will try our hands at navigational skills as we read our treasure maps and locate the bounty treasure. This week we will enrich our program with a field trip to The Strong Museum to investigate their pirate exhibit. Playing pirate games and capturing flags will fill our week with fun.   Keep your wits about you as we bring some science experiments in this week and determine what sinks and floats off the gang plank!  Arrr Matey!  
WEEK 10: August 29 – Sept. 2     
Scouts and Explorers - Spirit Week: As the last week of summer arrives we will remember the dog days of summer and look back at our favorite memories and re-create some of our favorite projects from the last nine s.  We will also celebrate Spirit week with favorites like “Super Hero Day,” “Hat Day,” Red, White and Blue Day,” “Crazy Hair Day,” and end the week with a center wide full of family fun.
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