Classrooms and family rooms

Every part of our three child care centers is designed to foster a safe, family feel and to encourage creativity.
The Webster location, formerly known as Toddler's Workshop & Railroad Junction, is unique and offers 8.5 acres of green space and an in-ground pool.
In Henrietta and Greece, the centers are specifically designed for siblings to be able to spend time together and are arranged in suites. Each suite includes a family room, an infant room, a toddler room, a 3-year-old room and a 4-year-old room. This allows families to remain together and provides one central place for parents to drop off their children. School-aged children have a separate area.

Family rooms serve as a gathering place for special events and for siblings who may be in different classrooms. They are also used by infants and toddlers who will spend time getting to know their future preschool teachers.
See below photos of our Henrietta location. Or, enjoy a virtual tour of our Greece location, click here.

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We are an equal opportunity program provider.

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